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how long does it take being treated like shit, before the realization of deserving greatness occurs? why does it take being treated badly in a relationship to catalyze that realization in so many people?

you. you all deserve great.
I encourage you to hold out for great.
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OH! OH NO! she's my biggest mistake

Dear friends of mine.
Do we have similar music tastes? Do you generally like the same bands that I do? IF SO, please head over to Melee's myspace and listen to their AMAZING songs. You'll love them. I promise. I wouldn't lie. HOW RIGHT WAS I ABOUT MY FAVORITE HIGHWAY? yeah that's right. Go.

I am going on tour with My Favorite Highway :-) I don't think anyone realizes how effing excited I am for this. Well, maybe you do. haha.

OH and you guys are gonna have to all clear your calendars of February 24th, because I'm gonna need to see every single one of your faces at the benefit show I'm throwing together for 11:11 AM. We're gonna have some great things happening...and some EVEN BETTER things to auction off from some of your favorite bands ;-)
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I'm watching Matilda. I love that movie

Dear Chex Mix,
Could you please reduce the amount of pretzels by half in your lovely mix...and reduce the wheat chex by 2/3rds. And then up the amount of crispy bread pieces? Thank You.

Dear Skittles,
Why the eff did you make gum? That was a bad choice.

Dear Little Girl in Matilda,
I would like to see what you look like all grown up. Could you make a public appearance soon.
Curiously yours,

Dear G-o-d,
Sunflower seeds was a great idea. That tree with the cute leaves I like, in the neighborhood I don't like going to, that was a good idea too. mad props.

My mom is so cute. She is going to send me a package with christmas stuff when she gets back to ocean city after thanksgiving. :-) I love my mom. She knows exactly how to make me feel better...even before I get upset. That's love.

I love 1950s and 1960s music.
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I wrote this yesterday....and then I forgot to post it.

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And then. Then I got this message on myspace that seriously just turned my mood around:

hi my name is hannah(obviously) and i'm really not trying to be super stalkerish. i'm friends with lydia russo&lauren price and a long time ago i was stumbling around lydia's livejournal and i came to your site and every now and then i read your livejournal. again,srsly not trying to be stalkerish. but you are really incredible. and strong and the kind of person i'd just always want to be around. i think i saw you last night at panic! (were you there?) and i was going to say hey but then remembered that you have no idea who i am. but! i just wanted to say hi because you are pretty sweet at life. and you do pwn.

I'm honestly so touched. Thanks Hannah if you're reading this. :)

Dear Dee,
I'm addicted to Sudoku and GCH. I blame you.
:-D mee
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our maker is a funny guy

so I was thinking today. the body does some absolutely outlandish things. besides farting and burping...which when you think about it are absolutely hysterical in their own.

but, more particularly, I'd like to point out blushing. ok with farting or burping those bodily functions are to relieve some kind of discomfort and gas. But's total purpose is to reveal when you are embarressed. This is completely OUTLANDISH. Why would your body, more importantly your face (the most visable part o your body) BETRAY you like that?! It's truely a mystery to me.

Sixteen Candles is a great movie.
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tolerance. eff that.

I've officially decided, I HATE the word tolerant and it's other tenses. I think it's a very PC way of saying you don't agree with the way someone lives or what they believe, but you'll put up with it.

I don't want to be TOLERATED. I want to be accepted.

I don't want to TOLERATE someone because they are different from me. I want to understand them.

I don't want to think that my best friend hopes for TOLERANCE when he tells people he's gay. I WANT HIM TO BE LOVED AND ACCEPTED exactly the way I see him.

Just because I don't believe in God or religion the way that you do, doesn't mean my beliefs should be TOLERATED. You should ACCEPT what I believe, as truths in my eyes, and nothing more. I'm not asking you to believe the same thing. Nor am I pushing those beliefs on you.

Whoever decided that Tolerance was better than Acceptance was being passive-aggressive and I don't tolerate them.

Tolerate is what you do when something annoys you, and you can't get away from it. Tolerance is what you practice when you have no other choice in a situation you can't get away from right away.

People should stop promoting Tolerance, and start promoting ACCEPTANCE. Just because the band broke up, doesn't mean they didn't have the right idea.

The world might be a better place if people were more accepting, and less tolerant and closed minded. Think about it.

Mr. Misheard song lyric of the day:
Song: A Kiss From A Rose
Artist: Seal
The real lyrics were:
Girl your like a growing addiction to me
But someone misheard them as:
girl you're like a boner dictionary

(thought ishould end on a less preachy note. :) )
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my fingers like spiders, spin a web my body couldn't shed

Have you ever watched a movie and had it, well I don't want to say change your life...but in a sense that is what I mean. Just a movie that when you watched it, something clicked inside you and something made sense?

For me that was Mr. Hollund's Opus. I remember everything about the first time I saw that movie. I had seen commercials for it on tv and thought it would be a great movie to see with my dad. (This was a time period where my dad always went to the movies.) Anyhow, I remember seeing that movie and just knowing that music was always going to be apart of my life.

The ending scene where Mr. Hollund conducts The American Symphony...makes me cry every single time. How amazing. Touching people's lives through music. That's exactly what I want to do. I don't care how, but that's it for me. To this day I cry when Mr. Hollund sings the John Lennon song to his son in sign language, and the end. Like it makes me cry because it's such a beautiful thing that both scenes represent.

So, that's why I love music. And will always spend my last dime on a show or a band. Yes, I do ridiculous things to see certain shows, but that's why. That passion for music makes me go. It's not about prestige, or scene points, or th scene at all. For me, it's always been about the music.

Has something like that ever happened to you?

(my friend said she once took this photograph that she thought was so beautiful that she cried and knew she had to be an artist.)
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